Q&A about the_BULB_COFFEE logo


Q= Questions

B=BULB’s answer

Q:  Why do you use this name-the_BULB_COFFEE

B: Well, Coffee is our specialty, therefore it’s important for us to highlight it. and for the_BULB, it’s like you see a BULB on your head. “DING” whenever you get fresh ideas, and new inspirations.

Q: What does the colour in your logo resemble?

B: Yellow colour refers to the light generated by light bulbs, all of us bring light to each and every one. Coffee is in brown colour, it’s reflected in our logo. White colour resembles the purity in us, be humble to learn and to share.

Q:Why are there 3 _ ?

B: Simple, whenever you see_ (Underscore), you fill in the blanks, here at the_BULB_COFFEE, you fill the the blanks with your fresh ideas, with coffee.

Anymore Questions? Ask us!

Welcome to the_BULB_COFFEE! YourFresh Idea Starts Here


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